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Happy Halloween

November 1, 2010

Plastic Horrifik

Instead of wasting money on rental of costumes, I literally made mine.

And make- up tutorials on youtube are ever so helpful.

Rag Doll & Mummfied Princess

Those are not my sneakers, and I didn’t wear that with my outfit.

The first character that came to mind was a vampire, then I decided that alot of people would dress up as vampires.

Then I decided on Succubus, because not many people know what a Succubus is.

And finally I settled with Mummified Princess because of Jonathan.

With Gene Simmons (Kiss)

I was so fickle minded that in the end, I combined all the ideas.

My fangs are *thumbs up*.



Zombie School BOY

Wayne travelled all the way from jurong looking like that.

Geisha Bartender and Cleopatra

Oh so pretty!

Samsui Women


They fix men.

Arabian Night

Nihon- jin

Halloween is my second favourite festival.

Christmas being the first.

We had fun.

Hope you did too.

!! Happy Halloween !!

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