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Here There & Everywhere

November 19, 2010

I’m dumping all the photos I have in the “To Blog” folder into this entry.

The Part- Time Job

Taken during Friends & Family Night.

With Ana
One of my favourite photos 🙂

Bought a new lip colour.

The New Lip Colour


Yet to really wear it.

The colour is alittle weird since it’s a dark shade of purple.

But I really like it.

The eye wear that I never got to wear.

The pair sunglasses that I got from Harajuku last year.

Test-"driving" the fangs

Love the fangs.

Have no idea when I’ll get to wear them again.

Finally met up with those 2.

With Qi & Eunice

Had dinner, and sat at Scape Park to talk.

Miss You Guys!

Planning to travel together next year.

Kidteung Mak Mak Na!

Our last trip was to bintan, which was I think a year ago?

Here’s Princeton for you.

Photo from few months back judging from the hair colour and bracelet.

He’s all about food.

Where's the food!! WHERE'S THE FOOD!!!

Ending with a cute head- shot.

Is that food I see you holding?


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