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The Reason Why I’m Going Blind

November 19, 2010

Got 2 jobs in a week, back to back.

Resulting in an eye infection.

Was at site getting hair and make- up done.

To me, I looked somewhat like a tranny, and they said that once the tudong goes on 100% malay.

And they were right.

Sat for two hours doing nothing while the other girls got their hair and make- up done, and it was show time.

Didn’t really get the chance to take photos.


"Couple" for the day.

My Wedding Dress
With Hadi, designer of Versari Ade

He was nice enough to use me in his show even though I’m very much a newbie to runway.

Do I sense an eye infection coming around the corner?

With heavy eye make- up and contacts, my eyes started to turn red and it hurt pretty badly.

Definitely going blind the next day.

The following day’s shoot was a fun one to do.

Eyes were very swollen and red, but had to get through with it.

Three looks in total.

The first.

Photographer: Nicholas C ; MUA: Kamini P.

I’ve never really done one with such a clean look.

As I’m always doing themes which are pretty “dark”.

A good change.

Photographer: Nicholas ; MUA: Kamini P.

And my first time shooting with another model, Lavina.

Second look.

Photographer: Nicholas C. ; MUA: Kamini P.

And the third.

Photographer: Nicholas C. ; MUA: Kamini Pillay

After that day, I stopped wearing contacts for a week.

Eyes had to get some rest.

I promise I’ll take good care of you guys!

I don’t want to go blind!!

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