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Christmas Wishlist 2010

December 5, 2010

The year 2010 is coming to an end.

And I’m here writing my Christmas Wishlist AGAIN.

*refer to Christmas Wishlist 2009*

As you can see, I was alittle late in writing last year, so I’m writing now, which is also not very early.

Maybe I should start writing in June next year in order to give him a really good start on getting me what I want.


So, here goes.

Dear Santa,

You clearly didn’t get my letter last year. In order to make things easy for both you and I, please check this website everyday in June 2011. I’ll write a letter to you then, giving you time to prepare for the christmas to come. Here’s the list.

  1. Kim Jejung ( he looks like this –>click here or here)
  2. Tickets to and back from Egypt (with all expenses paid for)
  3. Anything Princeton wants
  4. Land Rover Defender
  5. Blackberry BoldS
  6. Canon G12
  7. Cold Hard Cash

That’s all. Let me explain each of the items on the list to you.

  • I’ve been to the Journey To Immortality exhibition 4 times this year. So, you can see how badly I would love to go to Egypt.

  • As for what Princeton wants, he can’t write nor talk. I’ve no idea what he wants, probably food. You can just dump a whole load of Ben & Jerry’s Vanilla ice- cream on him and make him happy.
  • I STILL want a Land Rover Defender. I don’t want a flashy race car. Just a Defender will do.
  • As you can see, there’s a “s” to no.5 because there’s not point in me having a Blackberry when none of my close friends have one. Who to BBM to like that!!!?? So, ya, Blackberry BoldS.

  • I know I have a camera, but I really want the G12. It makes camwhoring so much easier.

  • I’ve no idea where Kim Jejung (no.1) is right now in the world, so that, you have to find your own means in tracking him down and getting him here to where I am. While you’re at it, maybe you can get him to attend english/ mandarin classes. Better communication you see.
  • To make things really really REALLY easy for you, you can just give me no.7 .

Thanks Santa!!

Loadsa Love                                                                                                                                            xxsh@nxx


2 Comments leave one →
  1. December 5, 2010 19:53

    hello! U forgotten i have a blackberry! Hahah

    • Shan X permalink*
      December 5, 2010 19:54

      i can’t possibly only bbm u ma!!!


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