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Korea Day 1

December 23, 2010

Here’s the first entry to my Korea trip.

It’ll be seperated into a few entries, I don’t know how many yet.

But do stay tuned.

Here goes.

It was a 6 hours flight from Singapore Changi Airport to Seoul’s Incheon Airport.

It was a much dreaded flight because I got the aisle seat and as usual, not enough leg space.

I tried to find a comfortable sitting position to sleep in, but failed.

Arrival at Incheon Airport, Korea

Upon arrival, it was minus 10 degrees Celcius.

Piled on a few layers of clothing and off we went for brunch.

Let me introduce you to our tour guide.

Our Tour Guide Lee Ju Hong

He spoke to us in Mandrin.

No, he’s not from China.

He’s Korean, but he’s holding on to a Taiwanese passport.

Mum’s Korean, but Dad’s Taiwanese.

Hot plate Grilled Chicken, Pork, Squid with Ginseng Seasoning & Bibimbap

All of us were really hungry, and the cold weather made us really really REALLY hungry.

After brunch, we went to Gimpo Airport for our flight to Jeju Island.

Arrival at Jeju airport

We were told that Jeju Island isn’t as cold as the main land.

It was minus 5 degrees Celcius upon arrival.

And once we stepped out of the airport, it started snowing.

Mysterious Road

Mysterious Road is a place where we experienced the Phenomenon of going uphill with the bus engine switched off.

We got off the bus to wonder around in the snow.

Oh So Pretty ~

Very happy to see snow.

23 of us climbed over a fence into this snow covered field and started camwhoring, and playing in the snow.

Yum Yum!

Failed attempt in making a snow angel

She just had to sit in the snow.

Stall by the road selling yummy goodness.

All of us got abit hungry again, and bought snacks to munch on.

Munching on a corn dog in the snow

Despite the snow, all of us chose to stay out in the snow instead of getting in the bus.

Dol Hareubang

It is believed that if a married couple were to rub Dol Hareubang’s nose they’ll have a son.

Ears for good health, and chest for good fortune.

Next stop.


O' Sulloc Tea Museum

They had exhibits of the history and production of tea.

Before dinner, we went to the Glass Castle.

Jeju Glass Castle

Glass Art

Jack & The Beanstalk

Glass Submarine

Most of the exhibits were outdoors.

Out in the cold!

Mirror Maze

Orchestra made of glass


Glass Teddy

Teddy made out of glass mosiacs.


Chose to go abit over the top with my final pose in the glass carriage.

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

Went for dinner, was too hungry to bother with photo taking.

Our Lee oppa went abit crazy, and decided to bring us to our final destination, Yongduam Rock, after dinner.

It was already 7 plus in the evening, and incase you’re not aware, Yongduam Rock is by the sea.

No idea what the temperature was at that time.

Only knew that we ran out of the bus in the dark to get a glimpse of the rock which resembles the head of a dragon, and ran back to the bus.

It took us less than 10 minutes, from the bus, to the sea, catch a glimpse of the rock, and back to the bus.

It was fucken’ cold.

And that’s the end of Day 1 in Korea.

Really tired.

Was really glad that they had Disney Channel in the hotel.

‘Till the next entry.

Merry Eve of Christmas Eve.


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