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Korea Day 3

December 30, 2010

Flew back to Seoul.

And the first stop was to a Wine Gallery.

Wine Gallery

The different kinds of rice wine

There was some rice wine tasting.

Wasn’t much to my liking.

Snacks and wine…the perfect combi.

I think all of us had more fun snacking than drinking.

At least I did.

And off we went for lunch.

Ginseng Chicken with Abalone

It was pretty *pfft!*

Abit disappointing, but oh well, I was hungry.

After lunch, it was a 4 hours bus ride to our next destination.

Had a toilet break in the middle of who knows where.

Just had to snack.

Dok Bokki!!

And I did some “Ahjumma~ sa-geh sa-geh” for my mum when she wanted to get a few purses.


After 4 long hours, we finally arrived at our destination.

Seoraksan National Park

Cable car ride up

It was quite a view in the cable car.

The route was pretty slippery due to the layer of ice that formed along the path.

A short distance up some slippery steps to the top.

Some crazy people actually climbed to the top of that boulder.

Pretty dangerous I think, since there wasn’t any railings or steps what so ever.

Toes were pretty much frozen.

Little House

By the time we got to the bottom again, it was already dark.

All of us were hungry as expected.

And here’s dinner.

Hotpot + Freezing Weather= *thumbs up*

I think I started gaining weight on day 3.

All that eating, and sleeping in the bus while getting to the next destination.

How not to get fat!

It was really,


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