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Korea Day 4

December 31, 2010

Day 4.

Was really looking forward to Day 4 because we’re going to ski.

Gloomy Day

Cold as usual.

And it was outdoor activities the whole day.

First stop.

Went to make cheese.

Ingredients for making cheese

Me doing nothing.

It’s not that I didn’t want to help.

But all the others at the table were so enthu about doing it that I “boh bian”, had to sit and watch.

The cheese making process

And the end product.


Yes, it does look like tofu with flower petals and pine nuts.

Wine anyone?

Cheese & Cracker

After the cheese making and tasting, we wondered out to go snow- tubing.


We were to choose our favourite patterned tube, and drag it uphill.

Dragging my tube uphill.

I think mine was the prettiest tube of all.

And the colour kind of went with my outfit for the day.


Happy people waiting to go downhill

Down the slope

See~! The colours match right??!

Waiting to get pushed down the slope.

This is the other person that was with us throughout the whole trip.


He’s our photographer.

Our tour guide told us to call Rio 小黑, because he’s pretty tan.

And if we needed help from him (tour guide), to call him 帅哥, and he’ll be at our aid.

The aunties in the group thought that Rio was better looking, and were discussing among themselves that they should call our tour guide 帅哥, and to call Rio “Handsome”.

Upon hearing this, “帅哥” turned around and said,


Pretty hilarious when he said that.

So yup, that’s Rio.

Snow- Tubing

Mum had her go too.

I think she had fun.

And if you’re more for something alittle faster, you can choose to go on the yellow sled.

I tried it.

Super fast!

Banana Boat

The banana boat ride was pretty boring.

Most of us ended up going snow- tubing after the banana boat ride.

Snow Ball Fight

Very soon, it was lunch time.

Korean Jeongol

From the following entries and the previous, you’ll be able to see that we have loads of meat for every single meal.

And finally, we went skiing.

Winter Ski

It was freakin’ crowded.

It was Sunday, and all the students were having their school holiday.

Getting ready to knock some human pins down.

Sherina on Skis

Mum on Skis

We were told to line up, S.G (帅哥) instructed us on how to fasten our snow boots to the skis, how we were suppose to ski down slopes, and how to stop.

Just like that, he told all of us to ski down the slope we were on, one at a time.

I was very “lucky” because I was second to ski.

And the person who went before me obviously had skiing experience.

I was damn afraid that I would fall!

Off I went.

I think I did pretty well for a first- timer.

I skied down the slope, and only fell when I tried to stop.

And instead of helping me up, Rio decided to take a photo.


Decorated and Taken by: Rio

Skied down slope, detached boots from skis, climb up slope, attach boots to skis, ski down again.

This sequence went on and on, over and over again.

I didn’t really fall after a few times, I just knocked into others in order for me to stop.

And in the end, I skied down the slope, knocked into others to stop.

They fell and I didn’t.

And this went on till it was time to leave.

Had to scream “Gang- way!” many times.

And I got used to it.

It felt so good to not fall, and to only see others fall in order for me to stop.

So happy!


Skied for 3-4 hours, and off we went for dinner.



Meat again!

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