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Korea Day 7

January 4, 2011

Cheong Wa Dae

The last day in Korea.

Mum and friend

With "帅哥"

Ticket for GyeongBokGung Palace

Imperial Guards

The throne

Moat froze over.

Yes, it was that cold that the moat froze over.

How much is that kitty at the window?

We were suppose to settle our lunch on our own, but “帅哥” was kind enough to have it arranged for us.

Last meal in Korea

Here’s our buys from Korea.

Loads of Vitamin C facial masks

The loot from FaceShop

Yum yum masks

“Service” from the shops

“Service” are what they give us when we enter the shops.

We were pretty cheapo, because we went into nearly every facial shop hoping to get “service”

We went into at least 4 FaceShops!

Beyonce , Rain, JYJ

There’s no way that I’ll use the mask sheets.

Lee Seung Gi postcards for Yinghui


Love love

This bag design has been something that I’ve been looking for for the longest time.

Eiffel Tower necklace

Lip-gloss-es, Rubber Band, Lip-Scrub

All those lip care due to the cracking of lips.

On the second day I was in Korea, I thought my lips were swelling due to some food allergy.

Only to realise that it wasn’t swollen, it was cracking.

Yes, that bad.

The purses that I “sa-geh sa-geh”-ed for.

Korea trip was totally enjoyable.

I was hoping to stay there for a few days more, but as we all know, the fun had to come to an end.

Wouldn’t mind visiting Korea again.

And definitely, during winter.



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