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Bandie In K.L Part I

February 2, 2011

We arrived in K.L at 2a.m.

Totally tired from the 7 hour bus ride.

And the next morning, we were up at 6 plus.

Off we went for a day long of band-ing after breakfast.

My Saxy

Had to entertain ourselves while on the way to our destination.

Johan & Asy Raf

Alfri & Ian

Finally reached Perbadanan Putrajaya Complex

Up up up we go

Gathered in the concert hall while the other bands settled down.

Too much Rapunzel

The ceiling of the hall reminded us of Rapunzel.

Rasull speaking to the crowd

Waiting ~

Soon, it was our turn to rehearse.

From where I was seated

Rehearsed, broke for sectionals, lunch, rehearse again.

And finally time to fool around.

Oh na na~ What’s My Name~

Loads of stand-up comedies, dancing, singing and gossiping.

Yumma Yum Yum!

Had dinner, and got ready for the concert.

But right before the concert, we just had to have our usual photo- taking session.

"Music Beyond Borders"

The Planners

My Section

I think we really made alot of noise running around having photos taken.

The pose we do every concert


With My MUA

The concert started.

Waiting for our turn

First up, was SKY Symphony.

SKY Symphony

SWS Youth was next.

Very quickly, the concert came to an end.

All the musicians who were involved in the "workshop"


The usual formal and informal shoots.

Us being very formal.

And when they said we were to go informal, this happened.

Totally Informal

We tried to steal each others’s “lime-lights”

Signature Pose AGAIN

Glad that it came to an end.

While the others smoked, some of us started “scribbling” on the glass.

Scribbles while waiting for our ride back to the hotel

Ninja Jon

Jon’s reason for dressing up like that was because he couldn’t stand the smell of cigarette smoke.

Had a good night sleep….

….Until Johan and the rest came back from clubbing at 4a.m, and decided to ring our doorbell.


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