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CNY 2011

February 11, 2011

Nieces & nephew

Shall let the photos do the talking.

Ready to go visiting

Look at those eyes

@ Granduncle's

With Jimmie-Poots

Presenting to you, our very own Jack Jack Parr ( The Incredibles)


Zavier & Mummy
Gong xi gong xi~

Shirley, Zavier & Irene

He doesn’t like my mum very much.

Sophia, Shan, Jimmie Poots

Irene kidnapping Zavier

Totally skipped day 2 since nothing went on.

And we have…

Day 3

Grocery shopping with Jimmie Poot's family and Shirley

All the way to the east to do grocery shopping.

Shirley & Irene

Mum: 你没有来过supermarket是吗?

Guess who’s a Little Twin Star fan?

Since Irene’s there, Princeton has to be either shut outside, tied up or carried.

And this is the new solution.


Once you have something placed on his back, he becomes immobilized.

There ...

Still there~

Walking Princeton

The usual mess after lou-hei

Happy Lunar New Year

6 more days till they stop playing CNY songs!!


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