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Princeton The Poor Thing

February 28, 2011

Don’t worry, nothing happened to Princeton.

But after looking at Niki (Alice’s Dog), I really had to comment.

Here’s a photo of Princeton.

Princeton from Princeton

And here’s one of Niki


Ok, you’ve probably noticed the “water-mark”.

It has to be there because a stalker has been using Princeton’s photo saying that he’s hers.

Long story, will write about it when I have the time.

Back to Princeton and Niki.

Princeton is a pure breed Shih Tzu.

Niki’s a mixed breed Shih Tzu/ Maltese.

The reason why I’m writing this entry is because I think it’s damn unfair for Prince.

Niki has Shih Tzu blood running inside him, but as you can see, he has not inherited the Shih Tzu’s flat face!

And Princeton being the all pure Shih Tzu, PANCAKE FLAT FACE!!!

You get what I’m trying to say?

It’s so unfair for Princeton.

Niki is 1/2 Shih Tzu, shouldn’t he at least inherit the flat face!!!

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