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March 3, 2011

Yinghui has promised me a trip to the Wavehouse since 2010.

But we never made it.

But we finally did on the 8th of February.


*click on photo above to get to Wavehouse site*

It was a weekday, and it was not crowded at all.

Our ticket to Flow- Riding

In order to get on the FlowBarrel, you’re suppose to be able to ride the Flow- Rider.

Virgin experience, of course we opted for the Flow- Rider.

Totally psyched

And here we have 30,000 gallons of water per minute flowng as fast as 20 mph (32 kmph)

It was just a one hour experience, and we made good use of it.

Yinghui's first attempt

Is she going to make it? ...

…Nope..She got flushed away
My turn

No way of being able to stand the very first time.

At least for me it was impossible.

Got flushed away as expected, so I tried something which was fool- proof.

Body- Surfing

Yinghui got pretty good at it

My favourtie photo of the day

Look who's the pro now

I can SOOOO do this!

Yay!! No strings attached!

After falling around and getting flushed away like crash test dummies.

We were very very happy

Hungry and tired, and our next stop was just next door.

Chilling at Cafe Del' Mar

Had fun, but we had no idea what awaited us the next day.

We were feeling all hyped up after the experience all excited about the next visit.

And the next day, we had difficulty getting out of bed.

Our muscles ached like crazy.

But no doubt, we had fun.

*Wavehouse Promotion*
!!1-for-1 Wednesdays!!
It’s 1-for-1 on wave rides, drinks and food!
Pay $30 for either:
1. 2hours per person
2. 2 people ( $15 each), an hour each.

Not bad a deal right!!!

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