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March 20, 2011

Here’s something I saw in Cleo magazine April edition.

And I just couldn’t stop myself from checking it out.

*click on pic. above to get to site*

They have loads of interesting stuff that I will so buy.

But to many of you guys, I’m being really crazy.

Look through the list of things that they have, THEN tell me it’s not interesting!!!!

This is what caught my attention.

Giant Gummi Bear On A Stick

It comes in 9 flavours.

Who can resist a huge ass Gummi Bear which is 88 times the size of a usual gummi bear!!

Definitely not me!


Yellow Tea Sub

This is OH-SO-CUTE!!!

I think if i ever were to get this, I’ll drink tea everyday!!!!!

My TWG Geisha Blossom is still in it’s pack, collecting dust.


Here’s something really interesting.

I love savoury food.

And I have this theory in life since I’ve no idea when.

“Savoury stuff should always be savoury, not sweet.” (and vice versa)

Why do I say this?

You guys know what Phad Thai is right??

It’s Thai fried noodles.

Things like noodles, are suppose to be savoury.

But as for Phad Thai, it’s sweet.

Things like that I cannot accept.

Cheesy Nacho Candies

But something like Cheesy Nacho Candies, I for once do not mind giving it a try.


If you love your lip-care products and love wasabi, this is definitely for you.

Wasabi Flavoured Lipbalm

I have someone in mind that I’ll happily give the Wasabi Flavoured Lipbalm to.


Leaning Tower of Tea-sa

Teacups and Teapot set.

What better to go with the Yellow Tea Sub right??


Colouring Book

This colouring book is definitely something I will get.

It’s a “MUST GET!!”

Great for the doodle  fanatic inside everyone of us.


I’m not exactly a fan of Bacon, but I came across a few “Bacon” related stuff in the webby.

Bacon Flavoured Popcorn

If you love bacon and popcorn, why not Bacon flavoured Microwave Popcorn?

After each meal what do you usually do??

Do you 1) Floss, 2) Pick at the scraps of food in between your teeth with a Tooth Pick or 3) Brush your teeth?

For you bacon fanatics out there, you can now enjoy all your dental hygiene regimes AND enjoy bacon at the same time!

Bacon Flavoured Floss

Bacon Flavoured Toothpicks

Bacon Flavoured Toothpaste

The toothpaste comes in cupcake flavour too.

Enjoy your Bacon-ny-Goodness!


This is the cutest, but not necessary the prettiest pouch I’ve seen.

Peanut Butter & Jelly Pouch

Aren’t you just tempted to check the website out, and get your hands on some of the things available!!!!

What I’m really eyeing, is the Ginormous Kick-Ass Red Gummi Bear On A Stick!!!!

*Just for your information, I have no idea if the edible stuff sold are any good.*

*Click on the pictures to get to the webby for each of the items*

Positivity Glass

Definitely Half FULL!!

I’m SOOOOO Positive!!!

Happy Shopping~!

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