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Finally Exposed

April 5, 2011

Remember this ???

The person who claimed that Princeton is her dog MILO.

DOWNGRADING Prince to a 50cent beverage.

She got photos from Chrishirl, Jojo and my blog.

Post them on FB and her “personal” blog, claiming that she’s the person in the photos.


Here’s the summarised story of what really happened.

The part that I find REALLY funny is the part where she said that her ex-boyfriend stuffed her with food, leading to her transformation FROM what she looks like in photos, TO what she is now.

Transformers, robots in disguise~!

Instead of getting Megan Fox, you get a actual AutoBot!!

I’m writing this entry because this is the Best “Drama” of the year.

Some of you guys may say that, ‘ She has self-esteem issues, cut her some slack!’

Seriously?? Cut her some slack??

Think about this.

If Serene Huang borrows money from someone out there (which she already has).

Who’s the one that they will go after for money??!!

Miss Jojo Lai !!

Who’s the person they will be confronting in public if they were to see “Melody Ting Kee-Siao ( Ksenia) Melody” (actual Jojo L.) ????!!!!

Miss Jojo Lai !!!!

Who’s the one who’s going to get bitch slapped for flirting with someone else’s boyfriend ONLINE ?!!!!

Jojo Lai !!!

That’s who?!!

So Guys out there,

???Is your ONLINE girlfriend really who she CLAIMS to be???


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  1. April 13, 2011 11:30

    Serious drama man !! I read through Jojo’s blog about this too …. FUNNY MAX ! That girl real shamless!

    • April 13, 2011 17:21

      boh bian….dunno wat she’s thinking….jus plain lame to say her ex stuffed her to make her gain weight…. jus plain lame excuse.


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