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April 15, 2011


This entry is for my newest, girly-est gadget.

Recently, I got a Blackberry 9780 in white.

It was pretty boring and I couldn’t wait to personalise it.

And to make it more “personalised” I got my nails done too!

I’ve been telling my friends that by how girly my phone currently looks, if I were to lose it in class and someone was to find it, they’ll never think of approaching me to ask if it belongs to me.


It is that girly!

The main item was the nail polish.

Will write about the Cupcupcake another time.

So here’s what it looks like!!!

Polka dotty nails too!!!

The nails are DIY, all I needed was a bottle of  pink nail polish (PK 102), and a Nail Dot pen in white (both from The Face Shop).

And with a pair of steady hands, you’ll have Polka Dotty nails!!

Last but not least, there’s only 1 person to appear on the wallpaper of my phone.

It’s none other than Kim Jae Jae …

… And his cat Jiji.


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