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“21st” Birthday Resolution

May 10, 2011

I tweeted yesterday that I would come up with a few Birthday Resolutions.

I don’t want to come up with stuff that I can never achieve or find it difficult to achieve because I’m forgetful.

So I came up with three resolutions!

  1. Drink LOADS of water : Having a cute-ass pink water bottle helps. It is so handbag sized and cute. Totally helps with the reminder of drinking more water.
  2. Brush Hair : Now that my hair is longer ( as compared to before), I shall brush my hair once in the morning, and once before I sleep.
  3. Bring Sketchbook Out : I always doodle on my lecture notes, and some of them turn out pretty well. So, a few months ago I bought a sketchbook to doodle in. After drawing two pictures, I stopped bringing it out. I shall start bring Sketchy out more often!!

And since I doodled today, I shall post them up!

Taylor Momsen ( The Pretty Reckless)



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