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Happy Birthday Part 1

May 21, 2011

Finally a post for my birthday.

My birthday this year is a 2 and a half day public holiday.


Spent the day with MH, Yinghui and Delvin.

My "too-big-for-4-people" Strawberry Shortcake

Delvin, MH, Yinghui

2nd servings for all

And we went down to Wavehouse Sentosa.

1 for 1 lunch at Wavehouse

Wednesdays are 1 for 1 day.

Everything is 1 for 1!

Food, drinks, and rides are 1 for 1!!!!

As usual, my personal present opener -.-

As expected, Yinghui “volunteered” to open my presents for me.

Waiting in anticipation for our turn

I was pretty worried that I’d forgotten how to keep my balance.

Wondering if I will fall

I guess you’ll never really forget, just like how you ride a bike.

Not bad for a first try on the second trip to Wavehouse

Flushed Snapshot 1

Flushed Snapshot 2

Flushed Snapshot 3

I had fun.

Profile Pic. Worthy


 For Delvin and MH, it was their first time on the Flowrider.

MH's first time on the Flowrider

No idea how he could fall and have a shot like that

Almost Perfect

Profile Pic. THIS!

And Delvin



Start to 出 stunt

Delvin spent 45 minutes getting flushed away.

And only realised that the solution was to switch positions.

Looking very happy after he got flushed

But I think he had fun.

Had dinner at some steamboat place in Chinatown.


I had fun!

End of Day 1


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