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Happy Birthday Part 2

May 26, 2011

Was planning to have a picnic party at the Botanical Garden.

But felt that it’ll be too troublesome to gather so many people there for a picnic.

So, Elaine, Felicia and Zhiwei decided to celebrate it with me.

I arrived at the entrance, spotting Elaine with Tinkerbell helium balloons.

Tinkerbell Balloons

 Look who’s that in the doggy carrier!

Guess who!

It's Toby~!

Finally out of the bag bag!

New chew toy hanging from my neck?

My special birthday bow

 So handsome!

Happy with my Tinker-balloon

Shortly, Zhiwei and Felicia arrived.

Running away from Toby

Toby helping to put food on the mat

Tinker flying high

Tiramisu birthday cake

Happy Birthday~

Pick- A- Nic 🙂

Zhiwei mixing salad with vinegrette

Toby's new friend

Toby trying to get a bite of Laine's salad

Throughout the whole picnic session, Elaine was busy with Toby.

Going for walks, getting him away from Zhiwei, making sure that he’s on his mat.

Felicia's present for me

A uber cute mechanical pencil!!!!

Bubble blowing daddy

Tree climbing kids

Doggy walking crazies

Felicia happily walking Toby

FYI, Zhiwei’s afraid of dogs.

When I say afraid, I mean SERIOUSLY afraid.

We decided to help her overcome her fear.

Helping Zhiwei get overcome her fear of dogs

Making progress

I did some “charity”.

Gave 2 balloons away

Bottles of nail polish


Imagine walking from Botanical Gardens to Far East Plaza with a bunch of balloons like that bopping in the air.

Attempt 2

Touch him, NOT me~!

"I've no idea whats going on, but I like being cuddled" 😉

Hmmmmm furry~

Not that bad...

"Ok now get him away from me!"

Take a look at us now.

Us at 23

Thanks for EVERYTHING!!

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