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Go Away!

May 29, 2011

I have loads of photos in my lappy.

And if I don’t start posting them, they’ll probably end up in the recycle bin.

So here we go!

Met the baby cousin for lunch, shopping, and dinner.

The crazy ding dong!

Our aunty treat her very well.....

.....gave her a perm that last FOREVER!!!


Her bangles and our pink BBs 🙂

Crazy ding dong went to get a Fabulous Tan

I had nothing to do, so……

Self entertain.

Dinner time!

Dinner @ Billy Bombers.....Yummy strawberry milk shake!


This is currently my favourite pose.

Bimbotic much, but I like it!!

Signature pose

Told her to do the same pose.

Signature Pose FAIL!

I like spending time with the crazy ding dong.

Never been closer.

I'm gonna Go go away~! Ae ae ae ae~!


I’ll be going to Ho Chih Minh City, Vietnam next week, flying alone.

And I’ve decided to have a live concert in the plane for the whole flight to entertain myself!

I know that I’ll be taking alot of photos.

So, I’ve decided to bring my lappy along.

Will be updating daily.

Expect loads of photos!!

Go go away~! Ae ae ae ae~! Go away~! Ae ae ae ae~!

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