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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Day 2

June 4, 2011

Good Morning Vietnam~!

 Day 2 in Vietnam.

Typical tourist look in my Vietnam flag tank top.

 Told you guys in the previous post that I would show you around the house.

Our patio.


Rascal the “Bad Boy” Labrador.


 Princess the Golden Retriever.

Living room on the 1st level

Von feeding Rascal & Princess

Living room 2nd level

Study room 2nd level

All the crazy bath stuff Von got

Waiting to go out while Von settle the kids

My nice ring 🙂

Rascal always looking troubled

Off we went for traditional Vietnamese food.

Pade Chau

Filled with minced meat

Hủ Tiếu Mì Ca Gà (Chicken and Fish with Egg Noodle)

It was ok, nothing special.

Was totally stuffed after breakfast.

I have no idea how someone can hav 2 bowls of it.

Round-about infront of Bến Thành Market

Loads and loads of shops

We got cursed while bargaining for a bedsheet set for my mum.

Oh well, we didn’t really understand, so who cares!

Pretty crowded

Milk Fruit

My first time sitting on a stool in the middle of a busy market.

Not something I’ll do in Singapore.

Ok, the Milk Fruit.

It kinda looked like a Soursop when it’s cut open with the Soursop look-alike seeds.

But the taste of it, I don’t really know how to describe.

But definitely sweet.

You’ve just got to try it for yourself.

Mangosteen seller in a traditional Vietnamese hat

Check this place out if you want pretty nails. Like mine!

And I’m nice enough to give you the address.

160 Lê Thánh Tôn, P.Bến Thành – Q.1

Full mani and pedi...and gel for hands

Gel-ing in progress

For a full mani & pedi (gel for hands), complete with hand and leg massage.

970,000 Dong!!

Which is equivalent to SG$58!!!

How cheap is that!!!!

The end product

Closer look

I’ll show you how shiny my gel nails are!

My Blackberry did my nails justice!

I couldn’t stop admiring my nails and Von rolled her eyes plenty a times when she caught me admiring them.

You would be distracted by them if you were me!!!!!

They're good~!

Manicure going on on both sides of a alley

This one has nothing to do with Mani/Pedi.

Lunch time!

Place we had lunch

Chả (Lean Pork Paste)

Vietnamese "Sausage"

Bánh Bèo Huế

It’s like Chuee Kuay, topped with spring onions and fried pig skin.

Bánh Ướt Cuốn Thịt Nướng (Vietnamese Spring Roll)

Bánh bột lọc & Bánh nậm

 That I didn’t like.

It was too chewy!

Bánh canh cua ( Shrimp, Crabmeat and rice paste noodles)

This I didn’t like too!

The soup was of a starchy consistency like lor mee.

And the noodles were CHEWY too!

Me no like!!!

Bún bò Huế (Rice Noodles with Beef & Pig Trotter)

 Walked around alot after lunch.

Going around looking for a place to bling my BB.

But we were not able to find any.

I’m convinced that Vietnamese do not bling their phone!!

And the long awaited meal!

Phố Hoa (pronounced Fur Wah)

2600 Pasteur

Take down that address if you want the  best Phố in town!

For your information, “Phố” is not pronounced “P-oh”.

I always thought that it was pronounced “P-oh”.

Correct pronounciation?


Phở Tai Bò Viên ( Noodle Soup with Raw Beef & Beef Balls)

That~ Good!

Just in case you’re wondering if I’m still in HCMC.

No, I’m back in Singapore!

Didn’t update because when I looked at the number of photos I had to resize, I lost my motivation to blog.

One more entry to go to end my HCMC trip update!

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