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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, End

June 6, 2011



 Breakfast was brought in by the house keeper.

It was not bad, for breakfast food that is.

And off we went.

It’s day 3 in HCMC.

Everything has been going well.

Leading a unmarried tai-tai life isn’t that bad afterall.

Going round town.

 Was pretty disappointed because for the pass few days I bought nothing!!

 I mean NOTHING!!!

At least NOTHING for myself.

Vietnam is no shopping paradise for me.


Fast forward to lunch time.

As we all know the French colonized Vietnam, so the French cuisine in Vietnam is supposedly not bad.

Lunch @ La Fourchette

Onion Soup


This time, the Escagot didn’t remind me of Princeton, but it was a tad too salty.



Von told me how Duck Confit was made and I’m really surprised, and slightly disgusted.

BUT!! It tasted sssooooo good~!

Go “wiki” it if you’re interested to know.


Sinfully Good~!

Continued shopping, and I FINALLY found things to buy!


Very TALL~!!!

The both of us went to get our hair done.

She got her hair washed, while I got mine washed and braided.

Cornrows in the making

An hour of tugging, pulling, hearing strands of hair snap.

And here’s the end result.

The end result

The workmanship is SOOOOO neat!!!!

If you were to go to Far East Plaza and get it done by the Tiongs, a total of 8 rows will cost you freakin’ S$80!!

But mine?

It cost me less than S$20!

And so much neater than what the Tiongs can do!!!!!

*I just got an email asking where I got the rows done, and the name of the salon.*

Hung Pasteur Salon

Pasteur Street

Fast fast forward to dinner.


Thai restaurant.

Spiral Stairs

Leading to…

Cosy attic place

Prawn Sashimi

Fluffy Catfish

Claypot glass noodles

Phad Thai

City Hall at night

Ok, these are the things I bought for the entire trip.

My Buys

How I Met Your Mother Season 1-6, Combat Boots for Zavir, Stripped Beach Bag, Vietty P.J(that I’ll wear out), Vietnam Flag Tank Top, Bedsheet (that we gt cursed for), Purple bracelet for Jimmiepoots, Leather Cardholder, Grape Flavoured Gummy, and Freshkon Coloured Contacts( that TMD cost S$19!!!)

Grey eyes runs in the family 🙂

 Thanks Von for having me.

I’m very much a nuisance to you, as you are AT TIMES to me.

But I love you!!

In summary, 4 days trip in HCMC….

I’m still unable to cross the road without freakin out.

– Unable to speak Vietnamese other than to say Thank You and OMG.

– Did not shop till my pants drop.

– Spent loads of time with my cousin.

– Got pretty nails and hair.

– And other stuff that I can’t currently remember.

I'll Be Back HCMC ......

… if Von doesn’t threaten to make me sleep outside the house with the frogs.

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