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July 8, 2011

It was our day off from studying.

Outfit For The Day

Black Chiffon Long Sleeves: Editor’s Market

Black Inner Camisole: Giordano’s

Red Shorts: Forever 21

Sunglasses & Bag: Rubi

Flatform: F.E.P

Uber Comfy Flatforms

You probably think that these Flatforms are the most uncomfortable pair of footwear to walk in.

I thought so too, until I tried them on.

Trust me!

They are the most comfortable pair of heels I’ve ever worn.

Now, we started off going to Haji Lane, because I was searching for this Black Twisted Front Cut Out dress.

Haji Lane

I know that Ohsofickle used to have it online, but it’s sold out.

So, I tried my luck at the Haji Lane boutique.


I freakin’ found it.

I was pondering for the longest time if I should get it, because I was afraid that I would look fat in it.

Love handles and all “pouring” out from the sides of the dress.


It fitted perfectly.

Now, I have to find a place and event to wear it to.

Mini Tricycle Outside Some Random Shop

Walked about Bugis Street.

Yes, YH and I shop pretty often at Bugis Street when we’re not roaming around town.

You may think that Bugis Street is where the “cheapo” looking apparels are.

But you’re so wrong!

Because if you know where to look and to mix and match, nobody can tell that what you’re wearing’s from Bugis Street (at least I won’t).

And I won’t judge you.


Porn's (28 Liang Seah St)

Dinner was at Porn’s.

It’s this Thai restaurant owned by actor/host Pornsak.

Been wanting to check it out for the longest time.

YH Camwhoring

I'm waiting~

I’m not sure if it is always necessary to make reservations.

They said that the tables inside were reserved and since we didn’t make any reservationsn, they made us sit outside.

Our very first dish.

Tom Yum Talay

Photos can be deceiving.

To me, you can never go wrong with Tom Yum Goong (other than the freshness of the seafood).

If a Thai restaurant fails in making Tom Yum Goong, they should really consider closing down.

And just F.Y.I, her thumbs up pose is not for how good the food taste because photos were taken before we dug in.

Two simple reasons:

1) We’re having Thai (we loooovvveeee Thai cuisine)

2) We’re glad that we can finally eat.

Tom Yum was fine, not much difference from Thai Express.

Phad Thai Hor Kai

The Phad Thai Hor Kai, was a DISASTER.

For a non-Phad-Thai lover like me, I can tell the difference between a good Phad Thai, and a bad Phad Thai.

THIS, is the worse Phad Thai I’ve had.

The omelette the noodles were wrapped in was really dry.

And the noodles were really dry too.


Stir Fry Chicken with Garlic

We ordered Stir Fry Minced Chicken with Basil Leaves, yes, that’s not what we ordered.

We didn’t mind.

YH said that it was like any normal tze char dish, and she could probably cook it at home.

Enough said.

My conclusion?

Trust me, I have nothing against Pornsak.

He is a pretty entertaining host ( I do watch channel U at times)

But, I’m really disappointed by what was served.

You may say that we only ordered three dishes out of the many they had to offer, and it isn’t a fair conclusion.

Fine, this is OUR views on what we ordered, and we’re disappointed.


Ended our day with two scoops of ice-cream on a waffle at Gelare (which for some reason YH can’t pronounce).

Waffles @ Gelare


This will be the last entry for now till my exams end.

If you want a daily dose of my nonsense, do follow me on Twitter.

Till we meet again.


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