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Pixlr-O-Matric & Pinkberry

July 9, 2011

It was a very colourful day.

Outfit For The Day

Candy Coloured Chiffon Top: Bugis Street

Pink Sunglasses: Rubi

I’ll do a proper Outfit Of The Day another day.

Let’s get to what this entry is really about.

Not Polka Dotty Anymore!


My Blackberry is no longer polka dotty!

Pastel Pink Matte Housing

I got my Blackberry Housing from BerryPlum.

They have different kinds of Blackberry housings for different Blackberry models!

And if you want your BB to be more personalised, you can visit their affiliate ZhngYourBerry.

If you need help fixing your housing onto your BB, you can approach ZhngYourBerry to get it fixed for you at a price.

You can even get rainbow coloured lights for your keypad.

Talk about Personalizing!

I’m just really really happy that it’s finally plain and simple pink.

And most importantly, I didn’t spend the extra S$15, getting someone else to fix it up for me.

I fixed it up all on my own!!

I believe till now, you probably noticed the difference in my photos.

They’re more decorated.

Here’s the second reason why I came up with this entry (even after saying that I’ll stop writing in the supposed last entry).

I chanced upon this web application the other day, and just had to share it with you guys.

Pixlr - O - Matic


I don’t know if you guys know about it (maybe I’m the last to know. WHY YOU PEOPLE DIDN’T TELL ME ABOUT IT!), but this app. is pretty dope.

This is just like Instagram in your itouch/iphone.

It’s so user friendly that even someone like me can edit my photos, and make them pretty.

I show you!

1) Upload a photo from your computer.


2) Choose from different kinds of camera lenses(red), special effects(blue), and frames(green) which are available.

Mix and match.

Once you’ve settled on the effects, just click on “Save”

You get to choose to either save it online (where there’s a link that you can use to twit/ link to other webbies), or in your computer.

End Product

Not bad right?!

You don’t even need to own a iphone/ itouch to get photos like that!

Princeton Face

Good stuff right?!!

Don’t say that I didn’t share with you guys ok!!?

Now you can have pretty photos in your blog too!!

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