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July 17, 2011

Yinghui suddenly decided to change her Twitter nick, and asked for my advice.

After a pretty nonsensical conversation, she settled with @_MeanieMe_, because it also sounded like Mini-Me.

Before we finally settled on _MeanieMe_, here were some of my suggestions.





And the longest one to date,


I personally think that all the nicks I suggested to her said alot about her, as a person.

She insisted on sticking to @_MeanieMe_

Fine, if that was what she wanted.


The name calling didn’t stop there.

The next day, we had this conversation which I felt I should share, just for laughs.

Y.H: Omg!I’m gonna play mj again! Zzz!They keep tempting me!Argh

Shan: -.-…say no la!I jus trimmed my hair…my pony tail’s so short now….I look like a freakin’ cheerleader.

Y.H: Haha!Why u trim! U r supposed to wait for me! I can’t! I wanna play!!

Shan: -.- u are hopeless!!! No self discipline at all..u are yh_NoDisciplineMustPlayMahjong!! cos I walked pass jiu..aiya..jus cut la

Y.H:Argh! Whatever!!Idiot!!I’ll try to study at night!

Shan: Ya right….Yh_LikeToLieToMyself

Y.H: STOP IT ASS!!! U pass your letter to school le ah?

Shan: Pass liao….efficient one:) @shanx_VeryEfficient…not like @yh_ILikeToLieToMyselfThatIWillStudyAtNight

Y.H: Lol!Zzz! Self praise!

Shan: Self Denial

Yes, as you can see, the names I suggested suited her perfectly through our conversation.

Till date, Y.H’s twitter is @_MeanieMe_.

Hopefully she will not be in self-denial for too long a time.


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