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I’m Back~

July 28, 2011


I’m back

Outfit For The Day

Black Slochy T.: Cotton On

Belt: F.E.P

Black Checked Pants: Marc by Marc Jacob

Bag: Rubi

Flatforms: Substance (Cineleisure) 

Went to Illuma the other day for lunch.

I used to dislike Ramen because it usually comes with Cha Shu which I don’t particularly like because of the fats in between.

And the hard-boiled egg with the runny yolk, plain disgusting!

But recently, as you guys have noticed, I’ve started to kinda like it.

Ramen Stadium (Illuma #04-08)

Ramen Stadium is located at the 4th level in Illuma right beside Asian Kitchen.

All they sell is Ramen.

Ramen from different parts of Japan.

Simply said, it’s just a place where there are different stalls selling different kinds of Ramen.

And the chefs there are all Japanese.

It’s “Ramen Heaven” for you Ramen lovers out there.

The one we patronised was called Ikkousha.

Good serving of Cha Shu.

But the noodles were not as springy as I hoped they would be.

The soup wasn’t bad, but I’ve tasted better.

I forgot how much it was, but for two bowls of Ramen it cost us around S$30?

I wouldn’t mind going back ONLY if I have a SERIOUS case of “Ramen Deprivation”

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

Exams are finally over.

And I’m planning to update more often now that I have the time with photos, and entries on random stuff.

People out there who are reading, and checking if I’ve updated, thank you.

Do drop me a comment/ email to say “Hi”.

Or simply follow me on Twitter.

Stay tuned.


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