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24th August Entry

August 24, 2011

Spent the week eating  and meeting friends.

I’m still watching what I eat.

I’ve stopped stuffing my face, but I can’t say the same for Yinghui.

Aston's Sirloin Steak

And here’s a unglam photo of me with food.

$2.50 coke -.-

Was suddenly craving for Coke, and I ended up buying a can of Coke that cost me freakin’ S$2.50.

Last minute meet up with Zeewee.

Drawing Show <<HERO>>

They’re really good at drawing and painting.

Y.H should watch it and reflect on her own drawings.

Superman out of rubic's cube

Emporium @ Liang Seah Street


Met up with Alice, Jon and Johan for BBQ buffet at Shiu Yakiniku.

Alice bought the voucher off (if I’m not wrong).

Free flow of non-alcoholic drinks, meat, sushi, etc.

ShiuYakiniku is just a stone’s throw away from Jurong Bird Park.

Meat Galore


Niki's Mummy

Stuffin' their faces with meat

Cam-whoring with my cam

Met up with Felicia for lunch during her break.

I want to take this opportunity to apologise to the cleaner at my estate who got a “wonderful” surprise the following morning.

Puke covered pillow and television that he had to clean up.


I’m sorry.

Never again.

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