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Happy 21st JimmiePoots

August 29, 2011

This is a really late post.

Finally writing about JimmiePoot’s birthday party.

JimmiePoot's Family

Her Hello Kitty balloon burst in the morning before she could even bring it to the location for her party (Princeton’s place).

So, after breakfast Von and I went to get her more Hello Kitty stuff.

And we were late for her party preperations.

Not like we went shopping for our OWN stuff ok!!

Hello Kitty balloons from Von

She’s loving them~!

We got her TWO FREAKIN’ Hello Kitty balloons!!!

With her roomie Winifred

With Shirley

And her secondary school friends got her a Hello Kitty cake.

Hello Kitty cake

We were busy going around (me taking photos, her entertaining her friends and family members) the whole night, and got really hungry.

Finally eating after all the entertaining

Zavier eating a balloon

Zavier is like the “star” during every family gathering.

He looks like Jack Jack from The Incredibles.

Uber cute!

Aunties with Zavier

Zavier's auntie who is also my cousin :))))

That’s Sophia!!

Her very pretty friend

She’s really pretty la!

I’ve no idea what her name is.

But still, very pretty.



Her Hello Kitty Pinata

If I’m not wrong, her party wasn’t supposed to be so Hello Kitty-ish.

But oh well~

Still trying to get things out from pinata

Afraid that whatever's inside would hit her on the head.

Great birthday and family gathering


Happy 21st Birthday JimmiePoots!

P.S: Princeton, Mignonne and Cheryl were all stuck in the room upstairs with Von because they’ll be too busy barking during the party if they were downstairs.

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