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Happy 21st Birthday Yinghui!!!

September 1, 2011

This is a pre-birthday entry.

But now that you’re looking at it, it’s probably already the 1st September 2011.

Yinghui’s family decided to have a birthday celebration at Ritz Carlton’s Greenhouse.

Bread Counter

Dried Fruits Bar & Salad Bar

Oyster Bar

Seafood Bar

Another Salad Bar

Carving Station

Pasta Station

Fruit Bar

Dessert Bar

Pretty Pink Cakes

Ice-Cream Bar

 Looking through the photos made me really hungry now (29/8/11).

Really REALLY hungry!!!!

Birthday Daddy & Birthday Girl

TRYING to be helpful

 She was just putting up an act for the camera.

Just Kidding.

But who knows right?

If I wasn’t there to capture the moment, she probably could have dumped the whole plate of soba on her poor cousin’s head.


Gerlyn and Y.H

Shu Ying

Janice & boyfriend

不要拍!!! 不要拍!!!

With the Birthday Girl

Y.H and her parents

Siblings with their other halves

Jac Jac

Jacqueline refused to let me have a photo of her taken.

But managed to get one while she’s eating.


My first round


 I’ve never in my 23 years eaten a raw oyster.

Yes, I take mussels, clams and scallops.

But never had the urge to try raw oysters because of how gross they look (it’s a totally different story for Oyster Omelette).

First taste of raw oysters

Verdict: It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be with a twist of lemon. Expected it to be slimey and gross, but it wasn’t that bad.


Cabonara Linguine

Chilli Crab

Delvin & George getting ready to dig in to the crab

Crab'in good

It's not even her birthday on that exact day, and she's so happy -.-

 And her friend Shu Ying volunteered to have her photo taken.

Shu Ying and her dessert


Raspberry Sorbet & Lavender Citrus Ice-Cream

The Lavender Citrus Ice-Cream was damn good!!

I don’t know of any other restaurants or ice-creamery that has it.

But it was REALLY good!!!!

My plate of "scrambled" cakes

Please do not judge the Greenhouse’s buffet standards by just looking at my plate of “scrambled” cakes.

Yes, I have no skill in cutting cake and getting them on my plate.


Yinghui's plate of cakes

Yes, that’s what it was supposed to look like.


Me taking a photo of her taking a photo of me

Yinghui and her secondary school friends

The birthday people


Yinghui, her dad, and her grandpa share the same birthdate.

Got our polaroids taken for her safe-keeping.

Our polaroids with our well wishes

Their well wishes to her

Happy 21st BabyGirl!

P.S: A surprise awaits in the next entry.

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