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How Is That Good Publicity?

September 3, 2011

Many of you’ve probably seen this video on Youtube

At the beginning when I saw this video, like many others, I was wondering if it was real or just a video to get attention.

And yesterday I saw Part 2 of the video.

When I saw the video, my face totally went like that.


And I actually went to check out the “celebrity blogger” ‘s blog and facebook page.

You guys should see it for yourselves.

You have to agree that it was a really bad marketing technique, and received really bad reviews.

She was called attention seeking, which I totally agree.

And what’s worse?

She seems quite proud of it.

She’s got The New Paper’s cover page as her Facebook “fan page” profile picture.


It’s not like she won MSU, won a million dollars, or even given a title as the smartest person in Singapore.

The title of her article printed on The New Paper was…

“S’pore Blogger’s Fake Sex Video Causes Backlash”

How is that something to be proud of?

Someone please enlighten me.

From these articles and videos, I naturally labelled her as an “airhead”.

Yes, I don’t know her personally.

But the first impression really makes a huge difference.

If you thought that it was GOOD publicity, and a really CREATIVE marketing.

You seriously need a reality check.

Maybe you will say that it’s not her fault, and she probably didn’t come up with the storyline.

Then the person who came up with it seriously needs to go for business classes.

Because his idea seriously sucked.


What do you think?

P.S: If you think that by me having written this entry, I’m giving her the attention she craves for, and playing her game. Yes I’m giving her the attention she needs. She deserves the attention. And she deserves to have people know that she really “no brain”. Thank You šŸ™‚

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