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Adrian & Evon’s Wedding

September 7, 2011

Everyone’s getting married!!

Ok, not everyone, many are.

Off to Holiday Inn Hotel

My paternal cousin, Adrian, got married on the 3rd of September 2011.

Outfit For The Day

Dress: Bershka

Getting ready for the solemnization


Here comes the bride~

Exchanging of rings

The happy couple

After the solemnization, we headed down to the banquet room.

Autie Rachel

Yes, the solemnizer was my aunt.

During the dinner, they played videos of how Adrian proposed to Evon.

He proposed in the tank where all the fish are in Sentosa’s Underwater World.

And the sweetest thing was that after she nodded to him yes, they kissed.


Not really kissed since they were seperated by the thick glass.

But still!

I literally went, ‘Awwwww~!’

It was really touching

I’m really happy for them.

And I LOVE weddings!!!

Hope that there’ll be more to attend.

Congratulations Adrian and Evon!

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