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Sawadee ka~

September 18, 2011

Hello, it’s my second day in BKK

Citin Pratunam Hotel to be exact.

Went shopping at Platinum Shopping Center yesterday after checking in to the hotel.

It’s a 5 minutes tuktuk ride away from my hotel.

Very messy and crowded in the old Platinum building.

Was better in the new building where they sell mostly bags and shoes.

The photo quality in this entry is abit sucky because they are taken using my webcam in my dimly lit room.

Yes, I brought my camera, charger and all.

But forgot my usb cable AGAIN!!

I forgot about it when I went to HCMC the other time.

But the other time, my cousin had a card reader.

This time no card reader, no usb cable.

Oh well~!

I’m heading out soon.

See you guys when I’m back in SG.

Peace out!


P.S: Ok, I just realised there’s a build in card reader in my lappy. #StupidIsMeĀ -.-

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