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September 21, 2011

I’m back from my trip!

Thought I’ll do a daily entry when I was there, but….ya.

Four days all into one entry.

My hotel was in Pratunam area.

It was a 5 minutes TukTuk ride from my hotel to Platinum Mall where I did most of my shopping.

My room

TukTuk back to the hotel with my Polka Dotted luggage bag 🙂

Only managed to get one luggage bag for the first day.

Platinum mall was pretty messy.

Alot of stalls and people every where.

So, that really dampened my shopping mood.

And the stalls close at around 1930hrs.

Had to rush quite abit.


Second day, I got some work done before heading out.

Thank goodness for the free wi-fi!!

A look at what I have in my make-up pouch.

My make-up

 Sequence of application:

1) The Odbo Protective BB Cream

2) Faceshop’s Lovely ME:EX Stick Concealer (NB21)

3) Clinique Derma White Double- Decker White Marble Compact (05 Neutral)

4) Faceshop Colour Song Blusher ( Orange Soothing 29)

5) M.A.C Fix+Finishing Mist

6) Revlon ColourStay Liquid Eye Pen (01 Blackest Black)

7) Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner ( Blackberry)

8 ) Maybelline Hypercurl Volum Express Hello Kitty Edition Cat Eyes Mascara Waterproof

9) NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (SML C02 Stockholm)

10) SilkyGirl Moisture Rich Lipstick ( 06 Gorgeous)

I don’t usually go through all 10 steps.

Most of the time, I skip step (8), and choose between (9) and (10).

For the photo above, I’m using SilkyGirl’s Moisture Rich Lipstick ( 06 Gorgeous).

Thai Beef Noodles

Settled for A&W because I was too lazy to venture around my area for traditional Thai cuisine.

BBQ Squid

Very Good Chilli

I do not usually risk getting my stomach upset by consuming street hawker food.

But the chilli that went with the BBQ squid was really good!!

Desperate need to snack.

The Lychee Pocky was really nice.

Can consider getting more in SG.

The Lay’s Seaweed Flavoured Rice Chips were really good.

But unfortunately, I only got to tasting it when I got back to SG.

Major Bummer!

Would have gotten a few more packets.

Do we have it in Singapore???

And if you’ve been following my Twitter, you’re probably aware that I haven’t been drinking alot of water when I was in BKK.

Was afraid that the water wasn’t sanitised.

So I relied alot on Fanta’s Strawberry soda.

Super Love~!

Third day was spent walking from Platinum to MBK and TukTuk-ed back to Platinum.

Rainbow coloured BB covers!

It’s so difficult to find Blackberry housings in Singapore.

But in MBK, you see so many of them that it’s a chore to pick out one that you really want.

I really regret not getting a few more.


Had Japanese buffet for dinner.

Three days,and these were the things I got.

Shopping for first 3 days

The red and black stripped Bandeau bikini was dirt cheap!

S$8 only!!!

Benefit’s Benetint Rose-Tint Lip and Cheek Stain and Dallas Bronzer was only 150 baht each!

Which is around S$6?

Tops were around S$8.

Bought two pink BB housings for Jimmiepoots and myself.

Last day in Bkk.

Honey Cinnamon Toast

Last minute buys

Lunch was settled at the airport.

Tom Yum Yum~!

It was fun getting around with no guide, and bargaining for stuff.

Can’t wait for my next trip!

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