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Princeton’s Holiday

September 26, 2011

Princeton “booked-out” from “Sea Breeze Camp”!!

And he had a date with Niki-chan and Alice.

Go meet friend friend???


It was suppose to be a “gay” party.

Baby, Niki, Rain, Toby and Princeton

But Yinghui, Wenqi and Elaine couldn’t make it.

So it was just the four of us.

Very warm!

Niki all ready to go swimming

Niki the flirt

It was really hot.

Instead of sitting with us, Niki decided to be friendly and went to share the shade with people who were near by.

Alice shouted for him to return, but he refused.

The reason we went to Sentosa was to let the dogs swim.

It was Princeton’s first time swimming.

Many negative comments were given when the idea of Princeton swimming got out.



Princeton was a natural swimmer.

He was a good boy.

And we spent alot of time together during his stay.


Met up with my nursing class at Fish & Co. Glasshouse.

I really miss those two.


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