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Essesuals Bugis

November 2, 2011


I got my hair chopped off and coloured at Essensuals Bugis.

I know how different this is from my previous messy bun, high pony look.

This was after the top layer of my hair was bleached.

And FYI, the bottom layer is a dark shade of purple.


It’s a asymetrical bob.

I had to live with the bleached hair for the weekend before I went back to get it dyed again the following Monday.

So glad I bought a hat the previous week.

This is what the final look looks like.

It is a mixture of red and copper tones.

And I realised yesterday that Bryan of Essesuals Bugis, actually made it a lighter colour near the roots, and gradiated down to a darker colour.

So much effort and thought put into it!!!

I love my new look.

But unfortunately, I have to change my whole dressing style.

Think I will be wearing a lot of black and whites from now on.

Until I figure out how to incorporate what I have in my wardrobe into the new look.


Do check out their Facebook page for promotions and further enquiries!

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