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Adelyn Hosehbo?

November 3, 2011

Ok, I only got to know about this today when I was having lunch with Y.H.

Many people have been talking about it.

About her being proud that she slapped her mum, stealing and then pawning her mum’s jewelery for S$10,000 to get a LV.

People have been criticising her and stuff online, but there are also people who symphatise with her.

What do I think?

If she really did slap her mum and stole to get a stupid bag, she has some issues.

Serious ones.

But a part of me believes that she neither slapped her mum, nor pawned her stuff for money.

Why do I say so?

Because I believe that SOME kids, at a certain age, just do stuff to get attention.

They’ll do anything to get attention.

Be it from friends or family members.

When I was in secondary one, I had this classmate who asked a few of my friends if they needed a ride home because his chauffeur was going to pick him up, and would gladly give them a lift.

But in the end, the “chauffeur” turned out to be…..


Get what I’m trying to say?

That particular classmate just wanted some attention.

Second case scenario.

Y.H and I were on our way to Pasir Ris in the MRT, and around 6 secondary school students got into our carriage.

They started talking and cursing loudly at each other in a VERY audible volume.

All the way from Bugis to Pasir Ris.

Two of them had their “girlfriends” with them, and their “girlfriends” just laughed at what ever they were saying and cursing about.

I personally believe that their rowdy behaviours were just to get attention and to what we call show off that they are very “smart”.

But to us bystanders, it was really uncalled for.

We badly wanted to have our ears cleaned from all the “pollution” to our ears.

So, back to the Adelyn topic.

Here’s what I think.

Did she really slap her mum?

I believe not.

But what I believe is that she probably did have a tiff with her mum.

Did she really slap the “Little Girl” at Cineleisure who stared at her?

No, but some girl probably did stare at her, and she badly wanted to slap her.

Did she really pawn her mum’s stuff for S$10,000 to get a LV?

I THINK not.

Someone probably withdrew that amount of money, and she just plainly got her photo taken with the cold hard cash.

So, why did she write those stuff?

Because she wanted attention and DEFINITELY DID NOT think that it was going to go viral.


I think she DOES owe her mum an apology.

An apology for disgracing her family members.

Just my two cents worth.


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