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Vietnam Day 3

December 6, 2011

Day 3 in HCMC.

Wanton Mee for breakfast.

Vietnamese style.

23-25 Hai Ba Trung, P. Ben Nghe, Q.1

It has no signboard for the store, but that’s the address in case you’re curious.

Instead of Char Siew, you get pieces of lean pork, and around 10 pieces of wanton.

Can either have it with soup or dried.

And I got some photos framed at Saigon SSK.

76D Hai Ba Trung, District 1, Ho chi Minh City

Proper framing with inner border cost only S$11??

Freakin’ cheap and it’s waaaaay better quality than those you find in Ikea.

Shall take a photo of them once I collect them on Friday.

Took a two hours plus car ride to Vung Tau.

Had to lie down because was feeling nauseated after trying to keep myself entertained by watching shows on the lappy.


Lunch was at some seafood restaurant in Vung Tau.

Forgot the name.

The reason I went to Vung Tau was for the Christ statue there.

There it is on the hill!

Ten Commandments.

Nearly there!

It took me 15 minutes to walk up the stairs, up the hill.

Don’t say that I didn’t tell you guys.

But if you’re dressed in shorts, the guard WILL NOT let you climb up the Christ statue.

How do I know?

I was in shorts!


There was a sign at the foot of the statue that says. ‘No impolite clothing’.

How “politely” can one dress when one is going to sweat buckets while getting up the hill?

Major bummer!

Anyway, if you’re dressed “politely” and get to enter the statue, you can actually go up the statue, and out onto the arms of the statue for a better view of the surrounding.

Dinner Time.

Heard so much from my cousin about this Ramen restaurant that serves Ramen that is way better than the ones at Ippudo ( Singapore).

Osaka Ramen.

SD04, Lo H29-2, KP My Phat, Phu My Hung, Q7

Tori Karaage

Ebi Mayo

Osaka Negiri Ramen


I still prefer Ramen from Ippudo.


 That’s all for today.


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