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Giving Thanks…

December 26, 2011

6 more days till the end of year 2011. And there are some people that I really need to thank because everyone of you are so special to me, each in your very own ways.

*Scroll down to your name*

Yinghui: You’ve been there for me through thick and thin, always a phone call away. Even though I always make fun of you, you know I love you like my baby sister. Even though I always complain and cry about the same old thing, you were there listening and giving me your moral support. I will also be there for you through thick and thin. Making you smile even when you are in deep sh*t.

Delvin: Dear Delvin, even though I “used to” blame you for me not being with Mr. Y, you’ll always be my colour-blind good friend. Although there are times when you disgrace me like the time you sang out loud at Starbucks, I FORGIVE you. Please stop smoking!

George: Thanks for always making it so much fun when the 4 of us hang out. Nothing much to you, but I DEFINITELY will not say 一个八 EVER AGAIN!

Junhao/Brice: Whatever your name may be, thank you so so much for always being there for me. Hearing me cry and rant, and going karaoke-ing with me even when you lost your voice. I love you the way you love me as a good friend. You’re always just 4 bus stops away. Thank you in advance for volunteering to paint my room.

Alice: I’m glad we managed to catch up. I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you but I’m glad you finally told me everything. Please stay happy, and remember that I’m only a phone call away.

Wenqi: I love you Wen Tan Qi!! Thanks for the wonderful memories.

Eunice: Ah Eu ah, please do not go crazy over Jaejae. I love you as much as Wen Tan Qi!

Cousin Yvonne: Thank you for having me in HCMC. I appreciate that you are a phone call away even though you’re far far away. Thank you for listening to me weep over the phone, and slamming reality back in my face. I enjoyed putting up the Christmas tree and trying to get rid of the three dogs with you. You have to agree we ‘kinda had fun. I love you! P.S: Please do not throw me to the frogs and lizards.

Cousin Jimmiepoots: My dear baby cousin. All will be well. Just BBM me if there’s anything, and I really appreciate you being there for me. I truly think that our BBs have brought us closer. Take good care of 狗狗and “灰尘”.

Johan: Dear B, even though we’re currently on season break, you’ll always be my B. And we’ll always have Ben & Jerry. Love you loads, S.

Jonathan: Jona 姐, you know I love you. Please do not lose your Diva-ness. Ok go!

Hanna Lee: Ana!!! We will pull through with all this shit!! Love you ah~!

Georgia: The Vampire Diaries coming back soon!!! Thanks for making work so much more fun..especially after Y.H  left.

Felicia: Finally managed to tell you a lot and thanks for listening. I’m glad you found someone of your own. Please take good care of the rabbit ring.

Zhiwei: I love you. You’ve always been there for me. I don’t mind celebrating my birthday next year at the bus stop. As long as I can have my Hello Kitty cake.

Elaine: Thanks for letting Princeton have a new friend friend. No thanks to him having a concussion when Toby tried to be funny.

This year, 2011, loads of tears shed, but you guys were there for me.

And a great big hug, and a kiss from me to you. Won’t you say you love me too.


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