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“Graduation Trip”

January 22, 2012

The four of us finally managed to go for our “graduation trip”.

We’ve been talking about travelling together for the longest time, and we finally did it.

Even though it was just to Genting, Malaysia, the company was wonderful.

Delvin was drunk, and I was “forced” to sit with him throughout the ride up.

Checking in to First World Hotel.

Tea eggs that Yinghui swore by.

International buffet dinner where the colour-blind nonsense started all over again.

And George called me a F**ker for it.


2nd day.

Breakfast was at Old Town cafe.

The three of them tried to be fog machines when I was trying to get a self shot taken.

We were suppose to head over to the theme park, but decided to wait for abit, hoping that it would be less foggy

Super happy to have found Coffee Bean AND WIFI!!!!

Super funny when George said that he was going to try to hold on to Yinghui’s seat when the ride started.

And Yinghui was struggling to get away.

For a moment we thought YH was a goner because when they told the operating staff that her safety thingy wasn’t tightened, they just kind of waved them off, and up they went.

Scary much.

I didn’t go for the ride because I ‘kinda felt that I was getting too “old” for it.

So much for it being a picture spot.

Day 3.

Trying hard to connect to WIFI.

Delvin was abit pissed because all of us were connected except him.


It was a mistake passing my camera to George and Delvin because they started snapping each others butts.

Trying to 出 stunt in the lift.

Till the next trip.


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