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March 2, 2012

Finally decided to upload the photos.

Taken during our "reunion dinner"

Flea at SCAPE with the Baby Cousin

Advertisement worthy right!!!??

Cosfest 2012

Comb hair wig in bus

Don't you think I look ok with white/ silver hair?

Johan trying to look like Allison from ANTM -.-

Our typical pose

With Melvin

Super love these two 🙂

I’ve got to say something about the photo above.

Johan is INCREDIBLE I tell you!

What ever he does, even if it is something really normal, he is able to make it look slutty.


The forth photo is simply priceless


@ MBS with Johan and Wes

Wesley COW

*Warning* If you plan to watch his videos, do turn down the volume.

‘Cos his video intro very DRAMA!!!

Instead of getting out of the convertible like how a normal person does (moving the front seat forward to get out), I prefer to LITERALLY climb out from the back.


View from the back seat

Stamford House

I’ve always wished that I will have a boutique at Stamford House.

I have no idea why boutique but……….

How can you not love the architecture of the building??!!!

USS photos up next.

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