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March 3, 2012

I remember recently I was at work (Desigual) and saw a pregnant lady shopping in the store.

Immediately, I msged the boyfee to say that I didn’t want to have kids because of how scary the pregnant lady’s tummy looked.

It looked like it would fall off her body anytime.

So I was a little freaked out.

But, half an hour ago, I was browsing through Priscilla’s baby daughter’s photos.

And I suddenly felt envious of her little family.

I wanted kids too!


I know that now’s not the right time for me to start a family and stuff.

But it was ‘kinda fun thinking and hoping that it will happen to me too.

So, I popped over to my mum’s room and asked her about her view about having grandchildren.

And it was a mistake asking her.

She said that she couldn’t stand children crying/ screaming, and she felt the urge to smack them once they start.

She told me that my child should be like Princeton.

Come over to visit every once in a while.

And she’ll chase him/her home after AWHILE.

So I was saying to her, ” I guess I was lucky. If I was the screaming and crying kind I would have gotten kicked out of the house.”

And she said, “Yes, you were pretty quiet and well behaved when you were young. If not, you’ll probably be out of the house in a jiffy.”

So much for being a future grandmother.


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