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March 10, 2012

Before I started work, we finally made our way Universal Studio Singapore.

It’s OFFICIALLY my first time there.

The previous time was not considered because it sucked the other time!

And who better to go with than the bunch of crazy people that I super love!!

George & Jieru

YH & Delvin

Delvin sleeping ah~

Delvin STILL sleeping.

Weather very warm ah~

Del looking very smug

Del's new full-time job

Trust me....He jumped and was off the ground when I snapped this

Switch pose~

I was super afraid to take the ride at first because this was the ride where I sprained my neck the other time.

So this time, I was really cautious about the dos’ and don’ts’ on the ride.

And I had fun!!!

Yinghui, Delvin and I were the unlucky ones who got wet during the ride.

And we did it a second time just to prove that we’re not the unlucky ones.

But as expected, Yinghui abandoned me and Del to sit with George and Jieru.

Traitor much!

So much for being BFFs.


The Drying Pods were plain useless!

And it cost $5.

We thought it was going to be strong blast of air to get whoever’s inside dry.

But the air speed was more like the ones of the hand dryers.

Cheat feelings only!

Yinghui's Donkey's height!!!

We had nothing much after that so we went on the Star Galactica ride five times.

4 times on the Human one and 2 times on the Cyclon one.

We were crazy enough to go for the front row sits.

And we posed for snap shots during the ride.

Super entertaining.

The volunteers that went up were really sporting.



The Love Birds

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