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Dumb Girl

March 31, 2012

Was at work, and my colleague turned to me and said,

“Shan, you need to be softer.”

And my reply to her was,

“I’m not soft meh?!”

“You go touch the floor see soft or not?”

“Soft. ‘Cos there’s carpet.”


My colleague, M, thinks that I’m not the most girly girl at work.

Yes, I dress up for work.

Colleagues have made comments that I was “Fashionable” (thank you), and “Stylish” (thank you again).

But I’m not the kind that goes all “girly” and “flirty” when I speak.

You know what I’m getting at don’t you?

How soft am I suppose to be?

After a half and hour talk, I finally understood what she meant.

I know that I’m not the most girly girl around.

Never was, never will be (I think).

She said that guys (SOME of you guys, if you’re reading) are more attracted to “dumb” and “soft” girls.

“Dumb” and “Soft” girls make guys feel more like a “Hero”.

Her exact words were,

“They don’t want a girl who knows EVERYTHING.”

If we’re talking about being “Dumb”.

“Dumb”, I can never be.

I can never lower myself to a level where I have to appear “not-so-smart” to get a guy’s attention.

Because I feel that even if I did, I will never be able to keep the act going for long.

It’s not that I do not give “face” to guys that I go out with.

I do.

There’re times when I’m out with a guy, and he makes a comment about a certain something and I know that it is wrong (factually), I DO NOT correct him.


I’ll just keep quiet, or say something like, “Oh…Is it?”.

But in my mind, I’m pointing at him laughing my head off.

I know that it is abit overboard.

The “point-and-laugh-my-head-off” only happens when he makes a really REALLY ridiculous comment, or trying too hard to be “smart”.

Trust me, I’m usually nice.

I do not do the “PALMHO” all the time

*angel face*

So tell me guys and girls out there.

If you’re a guy, will you really want to date a girl who is “dumb”?

“Dumb” being, she has no opinion of her own, clueless about the world, gets impressed when you say something that is pretty much common sense/ general knowledge.

Yes, you probably feel the ego boost.

But wouldn’t it be boring??

Wouldn’t you want someone who listens to your views, and gives you her views on the same subject?

Someone who can actually “debate” with you about things.

Someone who has an opinion (but not TOO much).

Isn’t that more interesting?

Unless you love listening to yourself talk, and having the girl swoon over EVERYTHING YOU SAY.

Then that I’ve nothing to say.

Imagine this.

You bring this “dumb” girl out to meet your friends, and the reaction she gives to things that are discussed, are just,

“HUH~! Is it? Really ah?”

Or something that is plain “not-very-smart”, that leaves people speechless *twirls imaginery blonde hair*.

Do you really want that?

If I’m one of the friends, I’ll definitely be thinking,

“Did she really just say that?”

“Is she really dumb? Or is she just putting up an act? Or am I suddenly dumb because what she just said makes no sense to me.”


I know I sound really mean.

But if I were a boy…

*starts singing*

IF I were a boy, I’ll definitely date a girl who is not “dumb”.

I know I may not get the instant “ego boost” or feel like a “Hero”,



I’ll want to date a girl who has a mind of her own, someone who I can have a “debate” with.

Someone who is able to let me see things from different points of view.

She may not be an “ego-booster”, but I THINK that she’ll be good company and I’ll probably learn alot from her.

Yes, the dumb girl may make a really neat arm- accessory.

But seriously?

You want a “Dumb-Bell” hanging from your arm?


Yay or Nay to dating a “Dumb” girl.

You tell me.

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