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April 7, 2012

The super long weekend has finally arrived.

And I had something to really look forward to.

If you’re following me on Twitter, I’ve been raving about having a “Serena Van Der Woodsen” vacation.

The day finally came.

And who better to spend it with, other than the bestie.

They had a iphone/itouch dock beside the bed.

And it gave off the surround sound effect.

And whatever was playing off the bestie’s playlist immediately set the mood to a “Serena” vacation.

I was going to give up on that green floral bikini because I got it from H&M without trying it on.

And it doesn’t give alot of coverage.

But thank goodness I came up with wearing it with my bikini under it.

It works doesn’t it?

Then it was bubble bath time.

Surprisingly, the tub was kinda big enough for two.

And she brought bubble bath.


Off to cocktail reception and dinner.

After dinner, we bought strawberries, cherry tomatos and other whatnots.

We just had to go back to the tub.

Bare-faced with a black nose-strip.

Later on, the face mask went on.

It was truly THE life.

I was so glad that it was a Friday, and I was going to wake up to Saturday and not Sunday.

You know what I mean.

Waking up to this view while washing up.

It’s good that we’re located at the top level, it being level 3.

Super hearty breakfast.

Off to the pool for the last time before checking out.

Brought my sketch book along.

Did a little sketching.

One last soak before checking out.

While taking a shower, the bestie  happened to be blasting Your Song by Ewan McGregor (from Moulin Rouge) in the room.

And what I heard from the shower was simply mind-blowing.

It gave the “lift-your-spirits-up” feeling.

You have to experience it to know what I’m talking about.

This is currently my favourite hotel in Singapore.

Very cosy.

Feels pretty much away from the city, but also a stone’s throw away from town.

Dearest Lonely Boy, I know you’ll so love the place. Wish you were here.

xoxo S

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