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Facts About Me

April 9, 2012
  1. I was a Pleaser from primary school till secondary 2 because I was afraid that my classmates didn’t like me. I stopped being one when I was 15.
  2. I’m not as confident about myself as I may appear to be.
  3. When I’m awkward, there’s something that I will do to ease/ hide my awkwardness (I’m not telling what exactly)
  4. My art pieces were always done by my parents since primary to secondary school. I’ve only started drawing in year 2011?
  5. Till date, I’ve never drawn a portrait of a friend or family member. There’s only one potrait I’ve done that I’m very proud of.
  6. I’m a hopeless romantic, and always felt that if I were a guy, my gf will be the most fortunate girl in the world.
  7. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a veterinarian.
  8. As a kid, I spent a lot of time in the library reading about dogs and Egyptian history. And I enjoyed browsing through the classified section number 74 on the Sunday Times.
  9. My dream when I was 14 was to be the youngest member of an ensemble comprising of adults. For a period of time then, I thought I was going to make music a part of my career.
  10. I always dreaded having to practice on the piano for half and hour everyday. I literally count down every minute.
  11. I hated having to go for theory lessons
  12. I do not practice my scales and arpeggios till the day before my practical exams.
  13. I’ve a bad habit of using weird fingerings for the pieces I play, and I get told off for doing so.
  14. I used to think that it was cool to have slightly longer finger nails because of how my fingers go clack clack clack clack when playing on the keyboard. But I end up having to cut them off during practial lessons. -.-
  15. I secretly love it when people think that I do not look my race.
  16. I love staying in hotels.
  17. I have never been the kind to stay back after band practice to play on the keyboard. I do not believe in having to “show off” what I can do on the keyboard to fellow band mates.
  18. I try to look busy fiddling with my phone when I’m alone.
  19. My way of tidying up my room involves throwing a lot of things away instead of packing them away neatly.
  20. I’m a super light sleeper.
  21. I’m very sensitive to smell.
  22. I cried the very first time a guy told me that he fancied me in secondary 1. It wasn’t tears of joy. It was because I was afraid.
  23. I walk to the beat of the music I’m plugged in to.
  24. My nickname on IRC and hotmail was cutie_putie11 during secondary school because a prefect came to tell me during orientation that I was cute.  *facepalm*
  25. I lost my passion for music for nearly a year because I was too focused on modelling.
  26. I secretly love it when I “tower” over the people around me.
  27. My way of managing pain is by telling myself that it is only temporary.
  28. In secondary 2 I had an obsession for bells and had them hanging from my bag. It was so noisy that my friends could tell that I was coming to class when I’m at the 2nd level and they were at the 3rd.
  29. I hate having my bedsheet changed because I find my own scent comforting.
  30. When I was young, I like to stick my fingers through the grills of the fan trying to touch the blade while it’s on.
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