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April 15, 2012

My god-mummy told me, “No matter what you kids do, we as parents will always love you.”

I do agree to that.

No matter how many times I’ve said hurtful things to my folks, they’ve always loved me and been there for me.

My mum messaged me saying that she and daddy will always love me and that I’m their precious when I was really depressed.

I’m not the best daughter in the world.

And I don’t think I’m the worst (I hope).

After writing this entry, I wouldn’t magically transform into the Best Daughter In The World.

But, I just feel that I have to write this entry.

Many a times, we as kids take things for granted.

We find their constant nagging untolerable.

But, what if one of these days, they’re not here anymore?

Will you miss the nagging?

 I know I would.


Anyway, I’ve met a few people who only learnt to treasure their parents when they’ve lost them.

They recall how their parents did this and that, how dinner was ever so good.

Simple things in life.

But they’ll never be able to turn back time to make things work differently.

I have friends who complain to me about how they can’t stand their parents’ ways of doing things.

From an outsider’s point of view, I’ll tell them that they have to just tolerate because they’re their parents and they meant well.

But when I’m put in the same situation, I blow my top faster than the speed of light.

Some of us choose to ignore, some of us choose to shout back at them.

But I know after what ever hurtful things have left our mouths, we’ll definitely regret it.

Some of us apologise, some of us don’t.

Dear parents, it’s not that we do not feel guilty about our actions.

We just don’t know how to put it in words.

You may call it ego, but that’s how we are at times.

But I have to admit that after blowing my top, SOMETIMES I’ll let my ego go, and I’ll apologise for what ever hurtful things I’ve said.

And after apologising, I feel so much better.

We can’t choose our parents.

If they got to choose who their kids are, it probably wouldn’t be you (or me, for my case)

They may be the most irritating pair, or what we call “old fashioned” and “not-understanding”.

But they’ll always be there for us.

In good times, and in bad.

For better, or worse.

Till death do us part (Literally).

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