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Lectoblix’s 24th Birthday

May 9, 2012

What exactly is a “Lectoblix”?

Lectoblix are “creatures” that age quickly, and survive by draining the youth out of others.

Why “Lectoblix”?

Because I’ve been told by friends and colleagues that I do not look my age, and I do not look like I have aged (I hope).

Let’s hope that this will go on for the next couple of years.

When ever people tell me that I’ve not aged, I’ll tell them that it is because I feed off the youth of the people whom I hang around.

I’ve no problem telling people my age.

I do not hide it.


I’m freakin’ 24 this year!

And in less than 48 hours, I’ll officially be 24.

Friends and family have been asking me what I want for my birthday.

And my reply to them was…

“Give me a one way ticket to Egypt.”

I know it sound incredibly nonsensical.

But, it is the most realistic thing I want.

When I told Y.H about what I really REALLY want, and went on ranting about “it”, she cursed at me and said that I was not being realistic.


Come on~!

You’ve got to agree that what I asked for is more realistic than asking for Kim Jaejoong as a birthday present.


And I’m still wishing for “it”.


For the time being, I’ve all the things I want in life.

What ever I need, I have.

And if I were to ask for anything else, it is clearly a want and not a need.

And if there’s anything that I want and can be gotten, I will and have already gotten for myself.

So, there’s really nothing in mind at the moment.


But if you’re wondering what to get me…..

I do need more clothes, shoes, bags, money, and time.

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