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“You’re Too Good For Me, You Deserve Better”

January 17, 2013

“You’re too good for me, you deserve better.”

Sounds familiar doesn’t it.

As cliche as it may sound, it is used pretty often.

Let’s analyse this statement, be it a statement made by the “girl” or the “guy”. What does it really mean?

“You’re too good for me”.

If a person is too good for you, doesn’t it kinda mean that he/she is too good to be true?

He/she is someone you’d never expect to be with in a way?

So shouldn’t you treasure the person?

“You deserve better”.

Hell yeah he/she deserves better if he/she is too good for you.

But think about it.

If he/she does deserves much better, but still chose to be with you, shouldn’t you treasure him/her more, and just be happy that he/she chose you?

Or even better, TRY to be someone he/she “deserves” to have?

Back to “You’re too good for me”.

If you’re using “You’re too good for me” as a reason to “break off a relationship”,


Do you want to be in a relationship with someone who is “NOT GOOD ENOUGH” for you??

Someone who’s probably waiting to maybe….

Cheat you of your money or feelings?

Or take advantage of what you have to offer?


Simply waiting to kill you while you’re asleep.

Is that “Not good enough” for you?


The statement “You’re too good for me” is the lamest excuse; or you may want to call it “Reason”; to dump someone with.

If you’ve lost feelings, found someone better, or what ever the reason is, simply say so.

The “dumpee” pretty much deserves to know the truth.

If you’re trying to make him/her feel better by saying that he/she is “Too good for you”, do you really think that it will soften the blow of the breakup?

By using this lame ass excuse as a reason to breakup,

Yes! He/ she definitely deserves better.

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